World Snooker Championship 2005

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WebMaster World Snooker Championship 2005

Post by knight_panther on Mon May 12, 2008 5:41 am

World Snooker Championship 2005

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Take on 100 superstars of the modern game in stunningly accurate representations of the sport's top venues, including the Crucible Theatre, home of the World Snooker Championship. World champions such as Ronnie O'Sullivan and Stephen Hendry are all brought to life, ready to meet you on the green baize, along with dozens of past champions in the unlockable Champions' Trophy. Snooker tournaments throughout the 2004/2005 tour are accurately recreated, while commentary is provided by snooker legends Steve Davis, John Virgo and John Parrott.

Add Pool, Billiards and Bar Billiards modes into the mix, along with vastly enhanced controls, custom player creation and upgraded online play, and this is more baize for your buck than ever before.

Groundbreaking opponent AI and brand-new motion capture animations provided by Steve Davis offer a realistic look and feel to the proceedings. With over 100 professional Snooker players making it into World Snooker Championship 2005, the game is brimming with snooker stars.

Min System Requirements:
Pentium 166 mhz minimum
Windows 95/98/Me/XP
4X cd-rom drive
32mb ram
8mb DirectX 8.0 compatible 3D card (min)
DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card

Code: WSC_2005.part01.rar WSC_2005.part02.rar WSC_2005.part03.rar WSC_2005.part04.rar WSC_2005.part05.rar WSC_2005.part06.rar WSC_2005.part07.rar WSC_2005.part08.rar WSC_2005.part09.rar

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