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Post by knight_panther on Wed May 14, 2008 4:41 am

Theme Hospital Portable

Theme Hospital Portable Th1

Theme Hospital Portable Ths1

* The game is updated to the latest version (v1.1).
* It's portable (only descomprimes, and play).
* It has been ripped to the following videos: video intro company developer and video INTRO 1. It left intact the video INTRO 2 (which is a video game ingame).
* The compressed file is 37.5. uncompressed occupies approximately 47mb.

Theme Hospital is a simulation game developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts in 1997, in which the player creates and operates a hospital. Like most games of Bullfrog Theme Hospital is impregnated with an eccentric sense of humor. This game is the successor theme Theme Park, a game also produced by Bullfrog.

The game takes place in a hospital, the player needs to build an environment that will attract patients with a variety of complaints, emergencies, and illnesses. The game has a sense of humor something dark, which is similar to Theme Park in many ways. The player has no direct control over those patients who are hospital, but rarely focuses on the game influence their actions in one way or another. The player, however, has the ability to make any staff member in the building and moverle a diverse area (accelerate their movement from one place to another) and to expel any patients at the hospital (if being a bummer or are causing discomfort).

Each level consists of a vacuum hospital to plan and design, with goals of the system in the fields of financial achievement, patients cured, the percent of patients cured, and value of the hospital. Hold negative fund or allow a number of patients will die requirements for losses. When the goals have resolved the player has the option of moving to a new hospital, with more elaborate requirements to win stronger and more diseases. The final level in the game, "Battenburg" consists of a huge, yet somewhat awkward, with all diseases hospital and the quarters in this game, all the frequent disasters and the requirements to earn very high.

RAM 8 Megas (16 Megas Rec.) HDD 15Megas (55 Rec.) Pentium CPU 100 (P133 Rec.) Graphic Card SVGA card and SonidoSound Blaster compatible. Operating systems: MS-DOS 5.0 and ψ indu 95 (W95Rec.) Multiplayer Network IPX, Modem, Serial Port.

Notes Readme (important):
* You must first implement "solenbumTH.exe" (only once).
* Then you can boot from "Hospital.exe."

Code: Techospital_by_voda.rar

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