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12_Portable_Games 1178694210_games

12 Portable Games
Size 23,9Mb
Play those amusive games and have all the fun you need

Babble Deluxe
Babble Deluxe is a puzzle game. The game board contains 25 random letters arranged in a 5 x 5 grid. The goal of the game is to find as many words as possible within the time limit. You can play alone for the highest score or play against one of the computer players.

Bricks2000 is a tetris clone. Throughout the game, various types of "bricks" fall from the top to the bottom of the playing area. When the bricks form a solid row of blocks across the playing area, that row vanishes.

Defendguin is a clone of the arcade game "Defender", but with a Linux theme. Your mission is to defend little penguinoids from being captured and mutated.

FastStone Pacman is a PacMan-clone. It features a 3D look-and-feel, funny sound effects (screaming, laughing, burping, sighing and applauding) and customizable background MIDI music and much more. Evil viruses are chasing and cooperating to corner you. You are trying to clear the red beans on the maze and keeping away from those viruses. You are running for the gold beans to gain the power to destroy the viruses or you are using the bullets to fight back. Finally you break through their encirclement, clear up all the beans in the maze and win the game. Smart viruses are going to make your mission full of adventures.

Gem Drop X
Gem Drop X is a fast-paced puzzle game where it's your job to clear the screen of gems before they squash you. You're at the bottom, they're at the top, and they keep coming! You grab gems (up to 10) of the same color and use them to knock more gems off the screen. Match 3 or more of the same color in a column and they explode. Any adjacent gems of the same color also explode, causing a chain reaction that might cover the entire screen. The more gems that disappear with one shot, the higher the score you get.

Mega Mario
Mega Mario is a Super Mario Bros clone. It features everything in the original game, but now comes with better graphics, higher resolution, smoother movement and new levels.

Vectoroids is a clone of the classic arcade game "Asteroids" by Atari. Your objective is to maneuver a space ship within a field of asteroids, and shoot them into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually destroying them completely.

XO is a computer rendition of the classic board game "Renju". Pit your skills against a computer opponent by being the first to put 5 pieces in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row.

Download: (Size: 4,9Mb)
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