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Post by Muji on Thu May 15, 2008 6:11 am

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Name : F.E.A.R - Perseus Mandate

The 2nd expansion pack to the hit game F.E.A.R. finds the player
leading an alternative F.E.A.R team tasked with investigating the
Perseus project at Armacham facilities. For this mission you are
partnered with Captain David Raynes and Lt. Steven Chen, who do their
best to assist you throughout the campaign.

In addition to the weapons from the first two F.E.A.R games, in Perseus
Mandate the player has access to a Grenade Launcher, a Lightning Gun
and an "Advanced" Rifle, all which will be necessary to dispatch a
tough new cast of bad guys.

The game's action and horror elements are tied to a plot filled with
backstabs and double-crosses as senator, his lackey and a group of
shadowy mercenaries clash in their journey to unlock the mysteries
revealed in the previous F.E.A.R games.

Unlike the previous expansion, this title can be played stand-alone and does not require the original game.

Minimum Requirements:
* Windows® XP, x64 or 2000 with latest service pack installed or Windows Vista™
* DirectX® 9.0c (August 2005 Edition) or higher
* Pentium® 4 1.7 GHz or equivalent processor (2.2 GHz for Windows Vista™)
* 512 MB of RAM or more (1GB for Windows Vista™)
* 64 MB GeForce® 4 Ti or Radeon® 9000 video card (GeForce® 6600 or Radeon® 9800 video card or higher for Windows Vista™)
* 16 GB free Hard Drive Space for installation of all 3 games
* Additional hard drive space needed for a swap file and saved game files
* DVD-ROM drive
* 16-bit DirectX® 9.0-compliant sound card with support for EAX™ 2.0
* Broadband or LAN Connection for Multiplayer games
* Mouse
* Keyboard

Links :
Link A
Link B
Link C

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