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WebMaster Devil May Cry 3 Full Game in Small Size

Post by Muji on Thu Oct 23, 2008 3:02 am

Devil May Cry 3 compressed Full game Working LinksThe game's difficulty is just one of multiple reasons that I'm so impressed with Devil May Cry 3 in the first place. From start to finish it makes no qualms about what kind of game it is, what kind of story it wants to tell, and what kind of punishment it wants to put you through to get there. Even better is the fact that once you do manage to slash and shoot your way through all 32 secret and standard missions, you're left satisfied but not finished. With five difficulty settings and plenty of bonus goodies yet to discover, the need to play through Capcom's demonic beast all over again is as overwhelming as the odds against you. And believe me: the odds are definitely against you.

Of course, import gamers have already devoted several message board threads to talking about how challenging the Japanese version of Dante's Awakening really is, but I wonder how they'd react if they knew that the American release is even tougher? Remember the Resident Evil 4-style checkpoint system? That's now gone in favor of the original Devil May Cry's yellow orb continuance structure. Remember how tough the Hard Mode was from the moment Dante's adventure first began? Well that's been changed too -- now the Japanese Hard mode has been transformed into the American Normal setting. So if you thought you were good before, you have to be even better now. Are you scared yet? Because if not you should be.

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WebMaster Re: Devil May Cry 3 Full Game in Small Size

Post by sweety on Fri Oct 24, 2008 10:04 am



Jite raho aur sada khush raho muji bhai Smile

phir baat hogi inshallah^^


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