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Post by Muji on Thu May 15, 2008 6:23 am

Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Unrealtvu5

Name : Unreal Tournament Game of the Year

Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition is a rehash of UT so
several considerations had to be made to write this review: how well
does it stand up to the current batch of FPSs, are the additions cause
enough for someone who already owns UT to purchase GOTYE, and is this a
good FPS for the first timer? The answers are: very well, no and yes.

The graphics havenít changed from UT. There are many graphic options so
itís worth your time to configure them to your liking. Action is smooth
for the most part Ė depending on your hardware configuration and your
Internet connection during multiplay. Character models and skins are
detailed. Indoor levels offer detailed architecture and even outdoor
levels donít slow down the action. There is a lot of colour too, which
makes everything very easy to look at. The weapon effects are
particularly well done.

UT: GOTYE has all the weapons found in the regular UT. Of course, there
are a variety of new weapons to master including a wicked looking
sword, happy face proximity bombs (that giggle maniacally), turrets and
crossbows. These weapons are courtesy of the ChaosGOTYE mutator (one in
a long list of mutators that affect various aspects of the game) found
in the practice menu. These menus allow players to customize gameplay
without having to know any programming. If you want lower gravity, make
Enforcers the only weapon available, and enable chainsaws as the melee
weapon you can do it quickly and easily. The menus themselves are easy
to navigate and understand. Setting up a practice session (frag limit,
map order, bot intelligence, game type, etc.) takes about 30 seconds.

Link A-CD1
Link B-CD2
Extra Maps

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